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  • Expert, 24 hour, multi-language service and support.
  • Hundreds of currencies, commodities, stocks and indices.
  • Cross-device capability via MT4, web, mobile and tablet.
  • Attractive terms including narrow spreads and generous leverage.
  • Smart charts, technical indicators and trading signals.
  • A highly secure, transparent and reliable trading platform.
  • Value-added resources and multimedia educational tools.

What people are saying about us

When I found, I was your basic "hope the market will go my way" trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around - which they rarely did. Then things started to change. I love the relationship with my account manager and the fact that I can trade anywhere using my mobile or tablet.


I can literally trade anything I want. I haven't come across a stock or currency pair that I wanted to trade which was not on this platform. News and training materials are also good for beginning traders.


I want to thank my OnlyTrades account manager. He is the first person I have ever encountered that vigorously wants to share his knowledge and skills, that only comes from many, many hours of hard work and study. Truly a gifted teacher.