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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions that cover services and working with the trading platform.
Each user must abide by these terms to use our services.

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Privacy Policy

At we make securing the privacy of our Clients’ financial and personal information a top priority. Please read our Privacy Policy, which clearly explains how we collect, process, store and secure our Clients’ data.

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Why Trade Digital Currencies?

Cryptocurrency investment is gaining ground, growing in popularity and legitimacy. Smart, rapid and secure, cryptocurrency has come to represent the future of financial transactions in the ever-evolving digital economy.

  • High Value: The cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially and has reached a total value of over $150 Billion
  • Instant Execution: Digital currency transactions can be executed vitually instantaneously
  • High Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, presenting lucrative trading opportunities in a fast moving market
  • Open Access: Anyone with internet access can trade, without needing prior experience or thousands in investment capital to gain a foothold.
  • Diversification: Now as well established as conventional currencies, digital currencies offer a great way to expand an investment portfolio
  • 24 Hour Trading: Investors can take advantage of emerging opportunities around the clock, the moment they arise, 24 hours a day.


Trade a vast selection of cryptocurrencies benefiting from exceptional trading conditions

Why choose us?

Competitive trading terms
Attractive swap rates, tight spreads & leverage of 20:1.
A tailored experience
Customizable trading tools to suit your strategy.

Expert dedicated support
Personal, professional guidance via email and phone.

Multiple tradable assets
150 available cryptocurrencies.

A trusted partner
Fair transparent service with no hidden commissions or fees.

Complete account security
Powerful, sophisticated system encryption.