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Take your pick from OnlyTrades’s vast selection of the world’s most successful stocks. Choose popular brands from every conceivable industry and invest in leading stocks for restaurant chains like McDonald’s, social media companies like Twitter, auto industry brands such as Fiat, online retailers like Amazon, entertainment providers like Netflix, and a broad range of other verticals.

On the OnlyTrades platform you can review up-to-the-minute charts showing the recent history of your favourite stocks, monitoring market activity and tracking current price patterns. You can also stay on top of the latest financial events impacting the global stock exchanges with our economic calendar, 24 hour streaming updates, and daily market reports.

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Trade forex with OnlyTrades, exploiting the exciting opportunities offered by the world’s largest and most volatile online financial markets. Whether the value of your chosen currency is rising or falling, you can buy or sell at any hour, profiting from price movements in either direction. Enjoy your share of the global action, investing in exceptionally lucrative markets that generate a turnover exceeding 5 trillion USD per day.

OnlyTrades investors are provided with a trusted, transparent online trading environment, protected by the most rigorous security measures. Select from wide variety of major, minor and exotic currencies, and instantly execute your trades from any screen, taking advantage of flexible leverage of up to 200:1, and extremely tight spreads.

  • Trade forex with OnlyTrades to benefit from:
  • Narrow spreads on a wide selection of currencies
  • Up to 200:1 leverage on every single forex trade
  • A scalable, secure and reliable trading platform
  • Cross device capability via web, tablet and mobile
  • 24 hour expert support from investment specialists
  • A broad array of advanced in-window charting tools
  • Strategy- packed multimedia educational resources
  • No hidden fees, commissions or extra charges
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At OnlyTrades you can choose from a large selection of Contracts for Difference (CFD’s). Trade at any time, taking advantage of the high volatility and liquidity of the CFD’s markets, to add value and variety to your portfolio. Benefit 24 hours a day from flexible, leveraged investing of up to 100:1 on every CFD trade, while receiving expert guidance and support from dedicated account managers.

Invest in indices from around the world, such as the American Dow Jones, or the French CAC. Alternatively, explore new earning opportunities with agricultural commodities like corn, energy products like oil, or metals like gold. You can further diversify by investing in leading stocks from every type of vertical, from beverage brands such as Coca Cola to consumer electronics brands like Apple.

  • Trade CFD’s with OnlyTrades to benefit from:
  • Tight spreads on a wide selection of assets
  • Up to 100:1 leverage on every single CFD trade
  • A scalable, secure and reliable trading platform
  • Cross device capability via web, tablet and mobile
  • 24 hour expert support from investment specialists
  • A broad array of advanced in-window charting tools
  • Strategy- packed multimedia educational resources
  • No hidden fees, commissions or extra charges
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At OnlyTrades you can create new avenues for success with a broad range of commodities.

Pick from an array of raw products, including agricultural instruments such as rice, wheat and coffee, precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, or energy commodities like natural gas and oil.

Diffuse your risk and limit your exposure by increasing the scope of your personal investments across multiple highly active global commodities markets. Diversify and grow your portfolio, taking advantage of our extensive asset list, which is continually expanding to offer fresh trading opportunities.

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Capitalize on the numerous potential revenue streams offered by the various equity markets around the world.

At OnlyTrades you can invest in popular international exchanges, trading the largest and most lucrative indices from every corner of the map. Make the most of market fluctuations as they arise, instantly responding to shifts in Asia’s Hang Seng or Nikkei; America’s Dow Jones or Nasdaq; and Europe’s FTSE, DAX or CAC, in addition to many more.

Each global exchange responds to local market conditions, providing unique investment opportunities 24 hours a day, which OnlyTrades traders can exploit from any location, at any time.

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Why choose us?

  • Expert, 24 hour, multi-language service and support.
  • Hundreds of currencies, commodities, stocks and indices.
  • Cross-device capability via MT4, web, mobile and tablet.
  • Attractive terms including narrow spreads and generous leverage.
  • Smart charts, technical indicators and trading signals.
  • A highly secure, transparent and reliable trading platform.
  • Value-added resources and multimedia educational tools.

What people are saying about us

When I found, I was your basic "hope the market will go my way" trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around - which they rarely did. Then things started to change. I love the relationship with my account manager and the fact that I can trade anywhere using my mobile or tablet.


I can literally trade anything I want. I haven't come across a stock or currency pair that I wanted to trade which was not on this platform. News and training materials are also good for beginning traders.


I want to thank my OnlyTrades account manager. He is the first person I have ever encountered that vigorously wants to share his knowledge and skills, that only comes from many, many hours of hard work and study. Truly a gifted teacher.